Location: *At Johannes skoklan gymnastic hall 1
(Nikolaigatan 7, 214 21 Malmö-Sweden)
5 min. walk from ”Södervärn” bus terminal.
close to the  Triangeln subway south exit

Organisations nr : 846 005-1595
RF nr : 12046 – 68

I.T.F pledge nr : 363 (license)

Plusgiro nr : 431 73 25-1


Cheif Trainer

 Trainer & Assistant

Brief historical
background of the club:

Malmö Cobra Taekwon-do Club is the oldest existing Taekwon-do club in the Skåne region in Sweden. It was founded in 1975 by Grandmaster Leong, Wai Meng. The name of the club was initially Malmö Taekwon-do club, but in 1997 it changed the name to Malmö Cobra Taekwon-do Club.

Together with another club in neighbouring Lund, Lund’s Taekwon-do club, also founded by Grandmaster Leong, Malmö Taekwon-do Club was during the mid seventies the only Taekwon-do clubs in the region, and students came from all over Skåne to practice.


In 1977/78 Grandmaster Leong, Wai Meng moved to Greenland in order to establish Taekwon-do there. He was succeeded by Master Yeo, Chin-Huat who became the second Master of the Malmö Taekwon-do Club. Master Yeo is still leading the club, and has during the years graduated thousands of students. In fact, most of the other Taekwon-do clubs that have opened up in the region have been started by former students of Master Yeo.


Malmö Cobra Taekwon-do Club started its activities on the premises of the Vårsången, and has since also occupied space in Limhamns Folkets Hus, Lindängen and Parkmöllan. Today we are based in the gymnasium in the basement of Johannes Skolan Gym. Sal.1  in Malmö.

Training Time

Regular group:

Training Time:

Monday 19oo-20oo
Tuesday 19oo-20oo
Thursday 19oo-20oo

Children group

Training Time: 

Tuesday: 18.00 – 19.00

Thursday: 18.00 – 19.00
(6-12 år)


Ledamot & Huvud tränare : 

Ledamot & Huvudtränare : 

Ledamot :                                                                                                                  

    Ledamot :                                                                                                                  

      Board Member :                                                                                                                  

        Ledamot :                                                                                                                  

          Board Member :                                                                                                                  

            Ledamot :                                                                                                                  

              Vice Chairman :

                The Pioneer Trainer in Skåne
                with 49 years experience

                Första Live Show

                in Lund 1978

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