ITF – International Taekwon-Do Federation



ITF was founded on Mars 22d 1966 in Seoul, Korea by General Choi Hong Hi in cooperation with nine member countries: Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, USA, Turkey, Italy, Egypt and Korea.



The main purpose to establish the federation was to together spread Tae Kwon-Do and it’s teachings boundless over the whole world, regardless culture, religion or other barriers.


GenChoi Hong

In the year of 1972 ITF’s headquarters were moved to Toronto, Canada to that the mission to spread Tae Kwon-Do over the rest of the world would continue.

1985 the headquarters were moved once again, this time to: Vienna in Austria so that the Tae Kwon-Do would have a chance to come closer to the Eastern parts of Europe and the third world.


After General Choi’s death occured a split in IT and it was created by people who no longer bother to follow General Choi’s wishes.

There are essentially two groups broke out: one led by Master Tran Trieu Quan and the other led by General Choi’s son, Master Choi Jung Hwa. The former has its stronghold in Europe.






Despite this, the ITF to make progress. Faithful members have signed up and are proud to continue in the General Choi’s footsteps. In order to meet General Choi’s last wishes was named Mr. Chang Young as the new president of the urpsrungliga ITF, which has affiliated associations in over 100 countries.

Executive Committee

ITF HQ: Vienna Austria President:


Prof. Dr.Chang Ung (DPRK)

Prof. Mst.Ri Yong Son (DPRK)

Sr.V President: SGM.Prof. Hwang Ho Yong (DPRK)
Vice Presidents: SGM. Prof. Dr. Dato. Leong Wai Meng (AUS)
 Vice Presidents: Judge Annali Basson (S.Africa)
 Sec. General. Prof. Kim Sung hwan (DPRK)
 Dir. of Finance Mr. Kim Hyong Rak (DPRK)
EB-Member GM. Peter Harkess (Skotland)
EB-Member SM. Rajendran Balan (india)
EB-Member Master Mario Bogdanov (Bulgaria)
EB-Member SM.Linda Low (Australia)