A club with a long history...

Come in shape with TaeKwon-Do !
The Korean art of self-defence, a way of life
For your benefit-Both spiritually and physically

All are welcome, regardless young and old, males and females.
A nice way to get together and make new friends.
It aims at a noble moral rearmament, graceful techniques, formidable power and beauty of physical form.

Malmö Cobra Taekwondo Club

(Since 1975) We are the Pioneer TaeKwon-Do club in Skåne The Purity Original I.T.F.
We training at Johannesskolan (Nikolaigatan 7) gym.hall 1.
Plusgiro: 431 73 25-1

Latest News

One of the Legendary teachers
Grand. Master Yeo Chin Huat ( 9 Dan )

 – G.Mater. Yeo began his martial arts career by training Judo. 1966 he began to train TaeKwon-Do, in 1973 he joined the Singapore Army and was among the first TaeKwon-Do instructors to be appointed by the Singapore Armed Forces.

 – G.Master Yeo was also activly involved in the promotion of TaeKwon-Do being also an instructor at the YMCA. He trained chinese Kung fu between the years of 1973 and 75.

 – He took part in a number of TaeKwon-Do tournaments both at national and international level.

 – He arrived in Sweden 1977 as an instructor in TaeKwon-Do. In 1979, at the skandinavian Champion-ships was he appointed Vice Technical Director to the All Europe TaeKwon-Do Federation.

– Since 1986 he was appointed chief instructor fo Sweden and in 1987 president of ITF in Sweden.